My favorite films that inspired me to travel and live my life differently

I love watching travel movies as they combine two of the most important elements of my life - wanderlust and inspiration.

Films are the best source of inspiration for me. As well as travel is the most intense mode of learning. That's why I never get sick of watching travel movies.

Here's the list of my top 10 favorite travel films.

The fact that most of them are based on true stories gives me a great dose of motivation and a powerful impulse to act now every time I watch one of them.
Hector and the Search for Happiness
1. Hector and the Search for Happiness

It's definitely one of my favorite movies and it is AHmazing!

It is a story of a psychiatrist who decides to break out of his routine driven life and go on a wild journey to China, Africa, and the US in search of what makes people happy.

This film has the power to shift something deep inside you and makes you think about what it takes to bring happiness into your own life.

2. Knockin' on Heaven's Door

It is a German movie, so it might be difficult to find it in English but this is one of the best movies of all times.

The real star of the film is not the plot, but the little moments of genuine humor and tenderness between the leads.

A pair of terminally ill young men follows their ultimate dream to see the ocean before they die as 'In heaven, all they talk about is the ocean.'

The movie is simply brilliant and it makes you think what would you do if you knew you'll die within a week or a month.
Eat. Pray. Love
3. Eat Pray Love

I love Liz Gilbert and everything she has created.

This movie is based on her memoir and it visually takes you to Italy, India, and Indonesia through Liz's transformational journey.

It is the best to watch when you feel lost, confused, and are searching for what you really want in life.

4. Tracks

Another film about a real ALLSTAR woman who had chosen to go off the beaten path to discover herself.

It's a drama film about 27-year-old Robyn Davidson who goes on a 1,700-mile trek across Australia with four camels and her dog.

As most of the movies out of this list, Tracks made me believe that anything can be done as long as you have the motivation and will to do it.
5. Wild

A real-life adventure story of Cheryl Strayed, an inexperienced backpacker who went on a 1,100-mile hike across the United States.

It has a really powerful message.

Wild is an emotional drama about healing and self-discovery and is the best to watch when you are about to quit something really important.

6. Out of Africa

Based on the autobiographical book written by Karen Blixten, not only does this movie star the amazing Meryl Streep, but it captures the heart of Africa beautifully.

It has plenty of wildlife and magic. And it will make you fall in love with the whole continent.
Captain Fantastic
7. Captain Fantastic

It is technically not a travel movie, but I can't imagine this list without it.

It's a film that inspires to travel more, embrace your uniqueness and live unconventionally.

Ben and his wife Leslie decided to live freely, in nature, together with their six kids. They don't want to live the ordinary life and educate their children in a nonconformist way. Be ready that the movie will stay with you after its running time has ended.

8. The World's Fastest Indian

It is a true story of a man who never gave up on his dreams. Anthony Hopkins plays Burt Munro, a New Zealander who wanted to set a world land speed record at the Bonneville Salt Flats race.

Amazing movie that proves that when it comes to achieving your goals, you get closer to always moving forward rather than standing still.
Into The Wild
9. Into the Wild

Another based-on-true-story movie about Chris who had enough of the material world and decides to break free.

This film is excellent if you want to discover what is beyond your comfort zone and boundaries.

I cry every time I watch it.

10. The Bucket List

My theory of dream listing is based on this film.

With two of my favorite actors and a message to live life to the fullest, the Bucket List is absolute must see.

The main message - get out there and live your life. Be happy and make sure you leave this earth with no regrets. It inspired me to create my own bucket list and start living my dream life and do all the things that I want to do before I die now.

This is not the full list of my favorite travel movies.

I can go on and on and honestly I can't pick the only one that is my favorite.

So if you find it interesting, write me a massage and I'll make another blogpost about some other travel movies that I adore.

Sending you lots of love,

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