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You are meant for greater things and you deserve to get the best out of life!
You are NOT TOO CRAZY willing to live your life to the fullest. You don't need to settle for anything less than what you want. Actually, you don't need to settle AT ALL!
Hey, the All Star!

I'm Irina – an adventurist, a full-time traveler, and a Freedom Lifestyle & Business Coach for highly-creative professionals who are ready to live their life #theallstar way (aka exactly how they want to).

My mission is to fill this world with conscious minds without limits and barriers.
And I do it by helping people embrace their gifts and giving them the tools to travel and earn a living doing something they truly enjoy.
My life is an amazing adventure that I want YOU to experience too.

here's the truth, my love:
You ARE ready to embrace your gifts, earn your full freedom and live every day with excitement.
You CAN make an impact and income with your own talents and do it in a way that it never feels like a chore, but just another amazing advanture.
You just need the right strategy to make it work.
How can I be so sure?

Because I've been where you are right now and I learned my lessons the hard way.

Since the day I quit my last high-profile job, quite a few things have happened.

I went from feeling miserable, being absolutely broke and having no idea what I could offer to this world to a successful workfromanywhere business and a life that I am absolutely obsessed with.

I've changed up my style of life and travel from searching for myself and backpacking solo to absolute clarity on what the world needs me for and full-time traveling with my soulmate and my dog in a financially sustainable way.
From dealing with everything on my own to being able to ask for help, learn from mentors who are a step ahead of me and surround myself with the people who understand and support me.

Now my every day is filled with new experiences, love, inspiration, and amazing adventures. I am lucky to work with the most amazing clients I could possibly dream of, have time for my family and fully enjoy my location independence.

I've found my way to make my life centered around my multiple passions and my commitment is to bring you the very best of what I'm living and learning.
I believe that YOU deserve it All.
From the around-the-world trip to a loving family and a meaningful business that serves you and the world.
So if it sounds AHmazing:

  • Making an impact and income with your unique set of talents.

  • Knowing what exactly the world needs you for and contributing to something meaningful.

  • Inspiring others with your own life story and helping them transform their lives.

  • Feeling like you are on the ride of life, that there's no end date, no itinerary, no limitations, only freedom, passion, adventure, inspiration, adrenaline, epic memories and a lifetime of world-spanning daydreams to fulfill.

  • Being able to indulge all your crazy passions – learning tango in Argentina, catching the best waves in Hawaii, watching the penguins in Antarctica, trekking to the Everest Base Camp in Nepal, or any other type of amazing adventure that is on your list.

  • Living your life the way it feels right to you and giving back to the world in the most connected way.

Let me show you how you can create your #ALLSTAR world on your own terms.
If you want to dive deep into my world, join one of my programs.
The All Star Stories
When I first came to Irina I had a lot of fears and limiting beliefs. They were so thick I couldn't see through them. Through her gentle coaching and guidance, I was able to not only see my fear, but appreciate it, listen to it, and replace it with love.

Irina is a creative, encouraging soul, and she made me feel empowered to move forward in my business when I was feeling stuck. She has a very calm and nurturing energy that made me feel comfortable opening up.

I would recommend Irina to anyone who is looking to take the next step in their lives but aren't quite sure how. She has this way of seeing in you what you might not have been able to see in yourself.

Intuitive Story Coach, True Healer
When I first met Irina, I was just looking for myself, for my mission in life. I was lost in my thoughts and ideas. I wanted to change my job, to find myself in my business, but I didn't know where to start.

The most helpful transformation for me was understanding of my mission - to work for giving people something that makes them happy. We tried different ways what it could be, but it turned to be my recent hobby in recruitment. This was incredible, the life is full of miracles. I have never thought it could make me so happy. Since then, I already made my first victories, signed up my first clients and I am moving forward with it.

Working with Irina is like communicating with a good friend who not only listens to you but guides you on the right path. This is one of my most important investments in the recent years, but that charge of faith, joy, inspiration that Irina gives during the sessions - is priceless.

Recruitment Consultant, World Explorer
Before I started working with Irina, I felt so (I think the right word would be) depressed. I had a feeling that I was missing something, that my life was paused and that every day was the same. That I had sooo many plans before I become a mom. And that now I had no direction and no motivation to move forward. I didn't know how to come over that. I really needed Irina to press the PLAY button on my life-remoter!

The main benefit I gained from our coaching sessions was understanding of my inner aim, and recalling myself of who I am, and WHY I have to do, what I do. And that is priceless! Irina asks sooo many right questions, that you won't have a chance to miss the "GENUINE IN YOU".

After 4 sessions with Irina, I had a big plan and very busy schedule to move on with my dreams and the life I want to live! Now I know the exact direction I'm moving to and that fills my every day with meaning.
Singer, Music Producer, the Founder of Najivo Project
Words can't describe how lucky I am to know someone like Irina. She came into my life in a magical and unique way and guided me when I really needed someone special to support me on my life path, a spiritual friend and alike thinker.

Irina coached me during a very creative and productive time of my life. Together we were preparing for a very special modeling event I participated last winter - Philadelphia Fashion Week Show. Together we have created a plan to follow that brought me to a great success during performance and victory over my fears and insecurities.

I really needed that support and someone who cared and was able to have my back. Irina guided me smartly, has taught me how to concentrate on my priorities and achieve my goals in a fun and noble way.
It felt wonderful to have her by my side, inspiring and believing in me.

Professional Photographer, Model, Muse
I decided to work with Irina because I wanted real changes in my life. I had many problems at that time - a bad relationship with my partner, messy relationship with my finance, problems with my health.

With Irina's help I managed to earn extra money with my own talents, set new goals, made a clear plan on how to reach them, literally scheduled every step and started moving towards the life I was dreaming of.

I became bolder, had a lot of adventures, went on traveling for the first time, visited new countries, explored other mentalities and cultures.
Irina provided me with her full support and gently guided towards my goals. Thanks to her I felt that I wasn't alone and it made the process of reaching my goals much easier.
Aircraft Engineer, 3D Artist
Before working with Irina, I was stuck in my thoughts about my future. I had no clear understanding of why I am here and what I suppose to do in life.

I was afraid of being honest with myself and thought I could postpone taking responsibility for my life.

Irina was open, kind, willing to help and didn't let me fail or quit. Thanks to her I got a clear answer on what my life's purpose was. All my actions became more conscious and I took all the responsibility for my life. I realized that I want to live in line with my life's mission and I am the author of my life.
And that was life-changing!

Healthy Living and Compassion Lifestyle Activist
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