24 april 2018


4 steps to creating your own bucket list and how to make an epic one

I have spent long time looking for the purpose of my life, until I came to the idea of a Bucket List or a so called Life List.

Before creating my Life List I had always had a lot of stuff to do, but the most important things remained beyond the line.

Now I can easily state that for the next ten years my dreams are noted down in this Bucket List of mine.

The very appearance of desires on paper makes them more vivid to me. It also helps to understand whether I am doing what I want to do. Accurately stated dreams give strength to focus on the important things.
When the routine overwhelms my life, I recall the list and it drags me up, returns to what I love.

I do not wait for the life to start bringing me some pleasures. With the help of my Life List I create the moments I enjoy, easily letting go all the unnecessary and boring things.

Today I want to share the way I create my Life List. Below are the steps I follow while drawing up a list of wishes that come true.
Step 1. Sit down and start writing

Starting is always the hardest thing.

But it's important to find strength, to take a notebook and to write down everything that comes to your mind.

Every wish that awakens warm feelings of happiness, interest, sense of completion or pleasure within you.
The task is to write at least 100 wishes. Usually I stop at the 20th point. After a while, the brain comes up with 30-40 wishes more, then again there is another pause.

Usually I give myself 5-7 days to think. As a result, more and more new ideas are generated.

I stop when the list exceeds a hundred points and I have a feeling that this is more or less all that I want from my life and that these are that kind of stories I would want to tell when I'd be 95 years old.
Step 2. Cleaning all unimportant things

Only the following types of wishes go to my Life List:

Bright wishes

The list is not a plan of actions or steps necessary for achieving a goal. It is very important for the desire to fire your interest up, inspire you and toss you a challenge. In that case life becomes meaningful.

There are no mediocre wishes that can be characterized by "Let it just be here" or "I do not know why, but it is necessary" in the list.

To the question "Why?", each wish MUST say "Because I really, really, really want it" for an answer. And that's all. That is enough for the wish to be in my Life List.

Accurate wishes

The very core of a wish is important. I try to formulate wishes as accurately as possible.

The more precise they are, the easier it is to fulfill them. I note them down like actions, after the completion of which each point may be closed out from the list.

Although in my Life List for 2009 there were wishes that cannot be called very specific, like "To find true love," but at least I had a clear understanding what this love meant to me personally and what I was ready to do to find such love.

Wishes with deadlines

Usually a bucket list is associated with a list of things one wants to do before his/her death. For me it is a little too vague for I do not know when I die.

That is the reason why I write down everything I want to try in my life.

And then I assess how realistic it is to do this in ten years. I usually delete one or two points, leaving the rest unchanged.

"Eco-friendly" wishes and the ones that has to do with me only

Wishes like "To stop famine" or "May Trump leave the throne" are not included in my list.

If someone wants the same thing as I do, we can gladly combine our forces and dream about it together. But if not, I make this wish come true on my own without imposing it to anybody.

Also, I write down only those wishes that mean no harm to others and may not be fulfilled at anyone's expense.

Therefore, the wish "To invade the world" failed at my filter.
Step 3. Living as one

My list is always up-to-date.

It follows me though all my life. I always come back to it.

It can be supplemented, edited, some new items may be added, points which are not inspiring anymore may be deleted. The more creative it becomes in the process, the better.

Step 4. Drawing up conclusions

Each year I draw up conclusions, estimate my progress, things I managed to accomplish, and things which are not interesting anymore.

If 90% of the plan is done before the deadline, I do not stop and just make a new list of more challenging wishes.

AND there is no self-depreciation! I do not reproach myself, if any point is not realized in time.

The list is just an opportunity to make life more meaningful and saturated. It turns it into an interesting game with my own rules, and not into a battlefield.

If the wish is not realized, perhaps it is simply not mine or does not inspire me at all.

Then it is replaced by a dozen of new, more challenging ideas.
Step +1. Sharing with the loved ones

Also it is possible to make a collective Life List (it is not obligatory, but possible and fun).

I have always dreamt of me and my husband doing some crazy things together.

Our 2017 began with a joke about a joint flight to open space, and ended with a joint Bucket List of more than a hundred wishes.

In our Life List there are things that only I want to implement, for example, "To write a book", as well as those that only my husband wants to do.

This allows to be aware of what is important and valuable to each other.

Also our joint family Life List has no limits, but it has a specific structure.

Below there are few more rules that I follow, while making up my Life List.

I divide the list figuratively into 5 categories:

The division is based on the importance of the wish and reference to the place and time required to fulfill a certain wish.

It helps to allocate resources wisely and to plan the life in my own irrational crazy way.

And it just gives my Life List a certain structure and makes it easy to use.

Category # 1 To sustain, change, find, become, experience, accomplish

This category includes global actions that have an effect on the life in general. Points in this category are often difficult to specify.

For example, "To find my true self, understand my higher mission." Or there may be projects that form habits and help in building a desired lifestyle and in overcoming big fears. There are such points as "To live a month without eating meat" or "To lead a year without empty talks".

These are the most longstanding desires.

The deadlines for their fulfillment are within a range from 1 month to 10 years. They require some preparation in advance.

Category # 2 To learn, to master and study

Here belong wishes involving mastering certain skills and gaining knowledge or education.
They have specific deadlines.

For example, there is a difference in "To get a pilot's license" and "To learn how to cook tasty borsch".

And so I know how much time I need to learn or master a a specific skill.
Category # 3 To travel, to visit, and to do

These wishes widen my picture of the world. Here belong actions that help to think outside the box, and to have a wider look at what is happening around.

They have specific timeframes, exact location or defined route.

Also, they often require some preparation. Here belong travel experiances, trips and expeditions, for example, "To have a cup of coffee with a view of Mount Everest" or "To dance tango in Argentina".

Category # 4 To try, experience and see

These wishes make life interesting. They help to get to know myself better, form my own unique taste for life and test the life on its pleasant /unpleasant sides.

It is a certain personal challenge. They have no binding to any place, I can do it anywhere.

Often these are one-time actions or events that do not take much time.

Many of them change perceptions and become some big discoveries.

They do not require special preparation.
These are small wishes that help me turn my attention away from moments of depression and weakness.

Such wishes are perfect as a first aid, as they can be performed in a short period from a day to a week, for example, "To walk on the burning coals" or "To dance on the table."
Category # 5 To get acquainted, hear, meet, and touch an idol

These dreams have to do with meetings people who inspire me or have some influence in this world, for example, "To meet the Dalai Lama." or "To meet Elon Mask".

My Bucket List is not about things and material values. It is about the emotions I want to experience. It is my life course, the path, which is pleasant for me to follow.

When I get old, I do not want to tell about any dreams that were not fulfilled due to the lack of the right moment, money or circumstances.

It is worth taking at least the first step in order to increase the chances of living a life full of new skills, adventures, fun and some reckless undertakings. And for me such step means to make a Bucket List.

Let the idea of your own Life List help you and may your life be remarkable!

Sending you lots of love,

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