4 april 2018


The list of dreams that I fulfilled in 2009-2019 2017

I love lists. My life would not be fully mine without the lists.

And the king of my lists is a Life List - a list of my wishes and desires that I want to fulfill in my lifetime.

You know why is it so important to me?

Because the LIFE LIST provides me the freedom to live my life the way I want it to.

Life list is not just a set of goals, this is the list of the indicators and landmarks that help me to move in the very direction I've chosen for myself.

Such powerful tool as the Life List is utterly important to me and I clearly understand the reason why to create it. But the paradox of it is that each of its separate points does not necessarily have to answer the great and mighty question "What for?". And due to this paradox my true desires and the answers to the question "What do I want?" are born.

Another important point is that my Life List gives me faith in myself.

Confidence appears when I see the results. And when I see my "list of tasks for 10 years" consisting of more than 100 items coming true and being fulfilled way ahead of the deadline, my confidence grows just like that. My wishes and desires become more daring and bolder once I have my faith by my side, and thus the list is supplemented by increasingly interesting adventures.

Life List kills boredom, fills me with emotions, and makes my life colorful. It helps me to hear my inner self, to sift what was imposed by my surrounding, as well as to level up only those skills I want to develop in me. My list items fill me up with happiness, interesting stories, unique habits, knowledge, journeys, observations, my identity, health, people, and even love. That is - with everything that is important to me in life.

Below you can find my Life List for 2009-2019, which I managed to accomplish in 8 years instead of planned 10.

Hope it will inspire you to create a list of your own.
Items I managed to fulfill until 2017:

Change, find, become, experience, accomplish

1. Find an apartment of my own and move out from my parents.

2. Find a common ground with mom, dad and my brother.

3. Find myself and understand my mission.

4. Find a job that would make me feel happy and fulfilled.

5. Get a dog.

6. Define the haircut that would suit me the best.

7. Never dye my hair.

8. Send myself postcards from every city or town that I visit.

9. Quit watching TV (I do not watch TV for more than 4 years as of now).

10. Become a godmother to a child.

11. Find true love. To love and be loved.

12. Create a happy family. To marry the man of my dreams.

13. Undergo church marriage ceremony.

14. Try yoga and to practice in case I'd like it.

15. Try running every day for a month and [possibly] fall in love with running.

16. Go on a long trip alone.
Learn and master

17. Get higher education abroad (studied in Milan for scholarship program, got my first Master's there).

18. Get certification in Computer Design.

19. Learn coaching and get certified (I studied Personal and Professional Coaching at International Coaching Academy Maximum and Business Coaching at Signature Life Coaching Academy).

20. Master wakeboarding (I even got injured in course of one training session).

21. Take kite surfing classes (As a bonus I met my husband-to-be at a kite surfing spot:)).

22. Learn to swim with a mask and flippers and to observe the colored fishes.

23. Learn to ski.

24. Learn how to make ginger biscuits.

25. Learn how to paint in oils (I have painted more than 40 paintings since then).

26. Learn how to speak fluently a foreign language without Russian accent (English and Italian worked fine).
27 Learn to play drums (I studied, but then quit my studies. Yet I still can play some piece).

28. Learn to cook tasty borsch (I do it along my Grandma's recipe).

29. Learn to drive a car and get driving license.

30. Master the basics of floristry (I made myself a flower bouquet and a wreath for my wedding).

31. Learn to type fast.

32. Grow basil and thyme on the windowsill.

33. Organize a festival (I was one of the organizers of UKROP fest).

34. Work as a volunteer.

35. Work abroad (I worked in Belgium, Italy and China).

36. Work as a guide in a museum (I worked in the Museum of the One Street in Kyiv, Ukraine).

37. Work for an international organization like UN (eventually I worked in the International Organization for Migration).

38. Work in a European Institution (I did an internship in the European Parliament in Brussels, 2010).

39. Work during a football championship (I worked as a Project manager at Euro 2012 Football Championship at the UEFA AA).

40. To establish my own travel agency (the agency operated for 3 months, then I realized that it was not my dream after all, 2011).

41. Start a blog.

42. Live in another country (1 year in Italy, 3 months in Belgium, 5 months in China, and 1 month in India).

43. Take belly dancing classes.

44. Learn to use chopsticks.
Visit and do

45. See the world (I've been to 26 new countries in course of 8 years; the new list for 2017-2027 is more precise and I've already hit 36 countries).

46. See Santa Claus (in Finland, 2016).

47. Sail aboard the "Ship of Love" from Helsinki to Stockholm.

48. Walk from the city center to my house by foot (in Kyiv, Ukraine).

49. Go beyond the polar circle and see the polar night (Finland, 2016).

50. Make an ascent to Hoverla mountain (Ukraine, 2014).

51. Have a ride in the female train car in India.

52. Take part in the road traffic in China (riding a bicycle).

53. Try a "happy brownie" in Amsterdam.
To try, to experience and see

54. To see an ocean (For the first time in Portugal in 2010).

55. To see an ice-breaker ship (For the first time in Finland).

56. To see a panda (For the first time in China).

57. To see a sea lion in the wild. (For the first time accidentally in the waters next to Le Mont-Saint-Michel, France).

58. To try paragliding (Macedonia, 2016).

59. To try rafting (Turkey).

60. To be inside a tank.

61. To make mehendi drawings on my hands.

62. To try scuba diving (Turkey).

63. To visit oceanarium (Portugal, 2010).

64. To ride and elephant (Thailand).
56. To try paragliding (Macedonia). 62 To ride and elephant (Thailand)
65. Try dog sledding (Finland, 2016).

66. Dive into the sea from the ship deck.

67. Watch how the baby elephants are fed in the nursery (Sri Lanka, 2015).

68. Visit a festival.

69. Watch breaking dawn on the deck of the ship and see the dolphins (On my way from Corfu, Greece to Bari, Italy, 2016).

70. Take part in a safari (Sri Lanka, 2015).

71. Visit a "hot spot" or a war zone (2014).

72. Take part in Holi festival and get painted (it happened back in 2013 in China, I think it counts;)).

73. Visit and volunteer in a shelter for stray dogs.
74. Watch a football derby (it was Inter – Milan derby at San Siro stadium in Milan, 2010).

75. Swim with large turtles.

76. To pilot an ultralight plane (I did it twice, in 2012 and in 2015).

77. Dance on a table.

78. Jump into a pool fully dressed.

79. Try to shoot from the bow.

80. Fy on a hot air balloon (2015).

81. Spend a night in a tent on a beach.

82. Bathe in a see at night, under the shining stars.

83. Ride a sailing yacht (2015).

84. Stroll through the streets of the city barefoot.

85. Dive into the ice-hole for water consecration on Epiphany Day (19th of January – Eastern Orthodox style, 2015).

86. Try couchsurfing (I used it when I visited India, and it helped a lot).

87. To try blablacar service (I used it many times).
74. To pilot an ultralight plane (I did it twice)
88. Take part in the casting for the reality show (I passed and was short-listed to thirty candidates for the first season of Master Chef Ukraine. I was young and inexperienced, 2011 :)).

89. Give a speech in front of the large number of people (During my work for IOM, I gave a presentation for the students of Kharkiv International University, 2015).

90. Make a photo of my aura.

91. Take part in a professional photo shoot and to make a professional make-up (4 photo shoots, including 1 with a professional visage in course of 8 years).

92. Observe the stars with the help of the telescope.

93. Try the regression into my past lives (I did it, but I did not see anything).

94. Try the numerologist services.

95. Try various types of a massage (I enjoyed Thai massage in Thailand, Chinese – in China, and Ayurvedic – in Sri Lanka).

96. Go trekking in the jungle (India, 2015).
97. Stay awake all night and make Suri Namascar on the seafront with the sunrise (India, 2015).

98. Enjoy the tropical rain.

99. Swim in the sea in the rain.
100. Try venison.

101. Eat a scorpion.

102. Try oysters.

103. Try frogs' legs.

104. Try snails (and fall in love with the taste).

105. Try lobster.

106. Participate in tea ceremony.

107. Relax in hot open air jacuzzi in winter when it's snowing (I did this in Slovakia at -5C, 2012 and in Finland at -15C, 2016).

108. Keep a fast for 40 days before Easter (I have been keeping a fast for several years in a row).

109. Research and then draw my family tree.

110. Watch "Star Wars".

111. Get a fish pedicure.

112. Make my mom an unforgettable present (it was an air balloon flight).

To get acquainted, to hear, to meet, to touch an idol

113. Meet Cristiano Ronaldo (there was a time when I really wanted this, and I was lucky to see him at arm's length when I was assisting to settle the Portuguese team in Donetsk, 2012).

114. Visit the performance of Nick Vujicic (2015).

115. Get acquainted to someone who was a Ted talk speaker many times (India, 2015).

Do dream! Our dreams and wishes are worth of coming true!

Sending you lots of love,

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