10 steps that helped me save money to travel the world

Traveling has always been my heroin.

I've been traveling my whole life and I hope to keep on doing it untill my very last breath.

But like any highly addictive drug - it is something that costs me a lot of money.

Since I tried it at the age of 12, I've spent thousands of dollars on travel. I've been to 36 countries by this time, spent 1 year in Italy, 3 months in Belgium, 5 months in China, 1 month in India and 2 years in Mexico.

I was raised in a regular middle-class Ukrainian family and my parents or anyone around me couldn't financially support my addiction.

I knew that if I want to make traveling an inevitable part of my life, I have to find a way to finance my travel obsession on my own.

And I did. I learned how to save money aggressively and smartly. It wasn't easy, but I am a living proof that you don't have to be rich to start traveling and that it is totally possible to save money on any trip on your bucket-list.

I am sharing with you 10 steps that helped me save money for most of my travel adventures including our trip to Mexico.

So, if you are dreaming of an amazing getaway to a place you'd never been before, check them out. I guarantee, they work.

At the left - Istanbul, Turkey. At the right - Mexico city, Mexico. It is totally possible to save money on any trip if you do it in a smart way and on a daily basis.
Step #1 - Work

It is not a surprise that the best way to get money is to work.

If you don't have a job - find one.

Freelancing is the best way to generate income and it's a good way to earn some extra money.

But if you are just figuring out how to freelance, get any job that brings you profit. I earned money for my first trips working in the office and it was totally fine.

Step #2 - Work MORE! Work as much as you can!

To save money for traveling, you NEED a permanent income, but it's not enough.

You have to use your free time meaningfully. And it means you have to use all your time to create as much income as you can.

Any additional income can be used to generate fantastic memories in future.

It can be a part-time job as a yoga instructor, a nanny, a receptionist or a toastmaster at the weddings.

If the job brings profit, it potentially leads to unforgettable trips.
Buying food at the local markets can save you lots of money.
Step #3 - Put at least 10% of your income aside

Make a rule - 10% of the total income shall be saved for traveling. Better more than 10%.

You need to put aside the maximum possible.

Open a separate account where you save money for traveling. Have your bank automatically transfer that amount to your savings and do not touch it.

Step #4 - Forget about emotional shopping

If you want to save money for a trip, shopping will have to be reduced to zero.

When you do need to buy items, try to buy them used, and when something breaks try fixing it first.

Step #5 - Get rid of trash

Go through your closet, garage, boxes and find items you are no longer using.

Sell everything that you don't need.

Follow the rule - if you buy a new thing, be sure to get rid of an old one. This is a good way to earn extra money for your future trip.
Cooking at home is fun!
Step #6 - Cut your costs

Forget about going to a restaurant for lunch or having a drink with friends after work.

Invite friends over instead of going out.

Replace gym with running in a park or practice yoga at home.
Quit drinking coffee at a bar, reduce alcohol to zero, give up cigarettes for the sake of the highest good.

Believe me, changing the way you live, will save you money for your dream trip.

Step #7 - Buy food at the market

Shopping malls are evil.

According to the statistics, 15% of products purchased at the supermarkets go in the trash.

At a local market you can bargain, compare prices, choose the "best offer", take only those goods that you need.

Step #8 - Cook at home

Well, if you buy food at the market, you will have to start cooking at home;)

Cooking at home is great and cheap! If you don't know how to cook - learn.

Everyone knows how to cook, but just doesn't know about it yet.
Any additional income can be used to generate fantastic memories in future. My favorite spot in Mexico - Punta Cometa, Mazunte.
Step #9 - Use your family, friends and all the people who love you

Make a list of things you need for traveling and tell your family that you are saving money for the trip.

Ask them to make you only those presents for holidays that will be useful on the road.

This can be a sleeping bag, a new bikini or even a vaccination. For example, before my trip to India, I received a vaccination against hepatitis A and B as a birthday gift from my parents. How cool is that?:)

Step #10 - Track your expenses

Even on travels, I keep a record of our expenses. This way I know how much I spend, on what and when.

It's like sitting in front of a mirror while eating - you eat less when you see how much you eat.

When you track your expenses on a daily basis you become more conscious about where your money goes.

Make some simple calculations and you'll see how much you can save.

And when you GO ON TRAVELING, drop me a message;)

I will be happy to celebrate your success!

Sending you lots of love,

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